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(1) to give you a moon cake: with the warmth of time as the skin; with the happiness of every day as the stuffing; with the safety of life; with the happiness of life! With my sincere blessing! I wish the whole family a happy, romantic and Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

(2) when the economy changes, sometimes the vitality can be recovered by just innovating the packaging.

(3) elegance is not a kind of packaging, but a kind of connotation. Extreme beauty, let us admire. Extremely elegant, let us break the heart.

(4) after her careful production, a pile of waste packaging materials turned into exquisite wall hanging, which turned decadence into magic.

(5) don't measure goods according to packaging.

(6) high quality goods also need exquisite packaging.

(7) music is not packaged, but changes naturally with his heart and growing experience.

(8) the mountain is silent, the mountain needs no more words, the mountain's romantic style does not need to be packaged for show, it's naturally a "cool" look, it's good to be there. I am a mountain reader, but I know that sometimes people will read me, when I throw myself into the mountains like a short sentence.

(9) no matter how beautiful the packaging is, it's just self deception to label it with the word "authentic".

(10) when the Mid Autumn Festival comes, don't be infatuated with elder brother, elder brother is just a legend; don't be infatuated with elder sister, elder sister has become Chang'e; don't be infatuated with moon cake, moon cake is just a packing box; infatuated with my SMS, it can bring you festival happiness!

(11) she is resourceful and uses old packing boxes to build shelters.

(12) each workshop of offset imprint packaging finished products has a clear hierarchy, and the working environment is orderly.

(13) taking the bus can save energy, green and fashionable, use cloth bags, turn off the lights to save electricity, save food, advocate walking and cycling, refuse simple and beautiful packaging, save paper and reuse. Today's world frugality day, I can lift a finger; today's frugality is convenient for you, me and him in the future!

(14) in winter, the willow trees become bare and let the wind bully the snow. The willow girl is still proud of the east wind and fearless. In the rainy and snowy season, willows will still drift with the wind, even without the packaging of green leaves, even if they become haggard, but still full of infinite vitality and vitality, let people have love.

(15). What's more, this kind of zongzi doesn't need to be cut. As long as the embedded rice dumpling yarn is pulled out, the whole package will be completely disintegrated, which is particularly convenient.

(16) marriage is a piece of porcelain. It's very difficult to make it well, it's very easy to break it, and it's very troublesome to pick up the pieces. Therefore, we should keep in mind the usual tips on the packing box: "handle with care, do not turn upside down".

(17) if we don't pay close attention to the quality of products, but only pay attention to the packaging, it would be a waste of money.

(18) pack the books early to avoid being busy at school.

(19) the packaging is the magnificent shell of the house, the packaging is the gorgeous sun umbrella on the ugly woman's hand, and the packaging is the catwalk of the model on the stage.

< br >, "cool" and "packaging" are more than "life".

(21) when we mail packages, we must pack them well.

(22) he carefully opened the dusty package and unhurriedly opened the layers of packaging, as if it was a unique treasure. When it is opened, what wakes up may just be the sorrow of wasting time unconsciously.

(23) there are three pots of purple red azaleas, most of which are the same as pink azaleas, but the purple red azaleas are very bright. From a distance, people can see that the purple red Rhododendron leaves are "packaged" exquisitely. Under the green leaf packing, the purple red Rhododendron "shows off" its "national color and natural fragrance" appearance.

(24) maybe everyone wants to improve their shortcomings and gain more advantages. Maybe everyone wants to be a perfect person, but when they improve their disadvantages, their advantages are lost. Many advantages and disadvantages can not be concentrated on a person, it is impossible to "package" a person perfectly.

(25) a beautiful coat can wrap a fool, but a fool's words always show his feet.

(26) I'm not a heavyweight because I'm not packaged.

(27) the books should be packed the first night to avoid being caught off guard the next morning.








(1) упаковка и упаковка тайюань в промышленности Цзинь шэнтай и Инди шаньси повышает рыночную конкурентоспособность!

(2), полный том в виде свитки, и комплектуется капсулой из нанкина, Сун цзинь упакован, красивый.

(3) высококачественные товары также требуют изящной упаковки.

(4) перед церковью, Петерсон осторожно разобрал упаковочную бумагу, в которой была цветная фотография, и вставил деревянную рамку.

мы предлагаем укрепить коробку двумя каблуками с упаковочной лентой.



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