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(1), Wednesday, Stephen. Slater was charged with two felonies, one for harm caused by his recklessness, and the other for criminal mischief. Because he yelled at the passengers in the intercom system, he suddenly opened the emergency door of the plane and ran away from the plane.

(2) the car kept bumping on the mountain road, and many passengers vomited due to carsickness.

(3) trains full of passengers are running on the North China Plain.

(4) along the way, he helped the old and the young, brought tea and water for the passengers, and kept busy.

(5) the bus is coming, full of sweaty passengers.

(6) I broke in and said, "Hey, you're afraid of the two drivers, and they're afraid of the passengers.".

(7) the aunt conductor's service attitude was very good and was praised by the passengers.

(8) when the plane is in danger, all passengers' luggage must be lost to reduce the burden of the plane.

(9) the robbers jumped into the car and threatened the passengers to hand over their money.

(10) in the face of the beautiful scenery outside the car window, the passengers express their heartfelt admiration from time to time.

(11) I can't control my destiny, so I can only cooperate with it, so as to make it develop in the direction of my guidance to some extent. I'm not the captain of the soul, just its noisy passenger. Huxley
(12) when a bus arrives at the terminal, the passengers get off one after another.

(13) at a critical moment, Wu Bin endured the pain and slowly stopped the car. Pull on the handbrake, turn on the double jump light, with a professional driver's high professionalism, complete a series of complete safety parking measures, ensure the safety of 24 passengers on the car.

(14) life is like a speeding train. Opportunities and fate will make many strangers meet, meet, intersect and know each other on the journey.

(15) passengers to 2046 have only one destination, which is to retrieve the lost memory. Because in 2046, everything will never change. No one knows if this is true, because no one has ever come back. I'm the only one.

(16) road bullies should never be tolerated to extort money from drivers and passengers of passing vehicles.

(17) passenger a wants to evade the responsibility of swearing, but passenger B refuses to do so, so he has no choice but to admit it.

(18) a passenger didn't get on the plane on time for some reason.

(19) as soon as he talked about the process of the scalpers' entrapment of passengers, he was very indignant.

(20) after two thieves stole things, they walked out of the car blatantly. Why don't we other passengers help?


(21) and perfume rose are rare among rose flowers. When Lu Xiaoling got on the bus and carefully placed it next to her seat, the bumpy and shaking snow colored flowers and the faint fragrance from the overlapping petals immediately attracted the passengers around. There was a look of praise in many people's eyes.

(22) time flies away like a train, but I am as unconscious as a sleeping passenger in the car. Once wake up, have missed a lot of things, even missed the stop.

(23) on the bus, many passengers were furious when they saw the robbers, and they stood up to fight with them.

(24) the stewardess squeezed out the buttons and the passengers stitched them.

(25) when a plane takes off or lands, passengers often feel like flying in the clouds.

(26) the flight attendants take good care of every passenger.

(27) with the sinking of the Titanic, most of the passengers on board were killed.

(28) a recent report points out that the London Underground has been overcrowded for a long time, which makes people become like animals. They have a "dog eat dog" mentality and ignore other passengers.

(29) as the night drags down from the sky, a lot of unbearable and ugly things in the daytime quickly disappear in the darkness. Everywhere there are neon lights and huge billboards full of material desires. In the middle of summer, the rich vapor is condensed on the glass window full of cold air. One by one, like tears, stays in the passenger's sight for a short time.

(30) when the train suddenly stops, there will be endless darkness waiting for the passengers on the train!
(31) in the newly built airport, hundreds of planes take off and land every day. These planes come across mountains and rivers and carry passengers to all directions.

The postmen are always in the same car as each other.

(33) when boarding, all the crew members come to the cabin door to meet the passengers.

(34) when the "tug" driver meets the glib female passenger, there is a clapping "debate contest".









(1) яхты сильно трясутся в штормовых волнах, пассажиры напуганы.

(2) я с улыбкой прервал его, сказал, эй, вы боитесь водителей, люди боятся пассажиров.

(3) пассажир не может нести пассажира, не имея при себе пассажирский сертификат.

(4) Яо не смог точно определить время, но пассажиры стали более раздражительными, попросив яо открыть дверь машины, чтобы они вышли из ? Пекина 9?.

(5) пассажир A пытается уклониться от ответственности за ругательство, но он не имеет средств, чтобы признаться в ругательстве.



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