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深冬:Depths of winter

冬雪:Winter snow

冬雨:Winter rain


"The wind in winter is everywhere. It is like a balloon, jumping behind you for a while, hiding in the grass for a while, and disappearing without a trace. But he is very busy, in the hall, on the road, at the bottom of the bridge, there is nowhere to go, there is no shadow."
"The winter girl wore a white dress, took the piano, and walked quietly on the ""wind and snow wheel."""
"In the winter, pine trees and wax plums show us the strong will not to be afraid of the cold and perseverance. In the winter, the heavy snow freezes the winter eggs, laying the foundation for the harvest in the coming year; the heavy snow also brings timely rain to the winter crops; the heavy snow brings joy to the children! Winter is beautiful! I love winter!"
"The winter girl shyly smacked her clothes, but only saw the white snow inadvertently in the sky."
"Just after the afternoon, the sun has already put away its faint light, as if it is cold, hiding in the thick clouds like a batt."
"The pine trees stand in the white snow, and swaying with the southeast wind of the dragonfly, recovering the roar of the sharp and ugly ears, as if deliberately despising the winter."
"In the winter, the sky is full of goose feathers. The white snow fell on the hawthorn tree, like wearing a white cotton jacket. Standing under the tree, I feel like there is a sweet and sour taste in this snow."
"The winter in my eyes is happy. Whenever it snows, I will throw away the girl’s unique shackles and rush to the outdoors and compose snowmen in the snow, throwing snowballs, the joyful shouts, the playfulness, the overwhelming, overwhelmed The horn sounded over."
"The weather is gloomy, and the sky is a thick, low-yellow gray-yellow cloud. The northeast wind screamed and ran wildly in the wilderness. It seemed to hold a sharp sword and pierce the tight skin, let alone the exposed skin, and it was cut and knifed. The pain is hard."
"In the winter, a thin layer of white snow, like a huge soft wool blanket, covered in the vast wilderness, flashing cold silver."
"In the winter, although it is accompanied by severe cold and embarrassment, there is still no lack of beauty. Her beauty is not as good as the spring, the summer is so hot, the autumn is as trivial. She needs someone who truly understands her to get it."
"The sun that pierces the clouds is like a golden thread, criss-crossing, and sews light gray and blue-grey clouds into a beautiful pattern."
"In the winter, the snow is getting up. At this time, the small courtyard is beautiful! The fig tree became ""Santa Claus"", the peach tree became ""Mickey Mouse"", and the vines became a ""white lotus belt"" under the sunlight."
"From the beginning of crying, I became a smile and envy. How did the time climb over, my skin is only my own clearest, red beans, not yet good feelings."
"When you think of the so-called happy things, always smile, then wipe away the tears in your eyes. Looking at the parking station in the distance, you can still see the transparent umbrella. I am raining, but I want to wash away the gray heart that I am tortured by you."
"Falling snow, like my frozen heart, falling, falling to the ground, fragmented. When the snow is filled with light dancing, my sorrows, sorrows, full of butterflies, falling, but embarrassing."
"Looking at the falling snowflakes, I shed tears. I don’t know if I am moved or confused. Because the heart can’t be calm for a long time, I can’t extricate myself."
"In the harsh winter of March and 29, the cold wind blew and a bitter cold wind hit the people. The coldness of winter brings people into the realm of sorrow, loneliness and sorrow. The coldness of winter makes the heaven and earth inflammation discolor, and everything is amazed; the coldness of winter makes people feel lonely and helpless."
"At the beginning of the snow, the sun in the winter seems to have narrowed the distance from the people, and it is extraordinarily clear and extraordinarily dazzling. But the temperature of the sun seems to be cooled by ice and snow, and it doesn't heat up."
"However, the best thing that makes people feel the winter in their home is the ice on the window, some like a forest, full of mystery; some like a stream, it seems to be quietly flowing; some like Christmas The old man seems to come to give gifts to people. Winter girl is really ingenious!"
"Although the north wind and frost snow are fierce, they can't last forever. On the contrary, the colder winter is even worse, that is, the fate of winter is coming to an end. ""Spring"" is already in the door."
"You see that the plum blossoms stand proudly in the snow, do you not feel her beauty at all? Is it in the boundless snow, you suddenly see a plum standing in front of you, you are not Is she infected with the spirit of not being afraid of frost and being strong and unyielding?"
"The scenery in the snow is magnificent, and the sky and the earth are all in one color. Only a piece of silver can be seen, as if the whole world was decorated with silver."
"The rising sun rises, the gray fog seems to be rolling constantly. I faintly saw the head in the playground: one or two... The playground gradually became lively. Hey, there was an old teacher over there. Several young pioneers were marching to him. The old teacher smiled and smiled."
"Snow Fairy is waving his sleeves in full; in the fluttering play, the heavens, the earth, the river and the mountains are pure and clean, and there is no quagmire."
"In the early winter, like a beautiful, noble, reserved princess, dancing her magical veil, sent a burst of cold wind."



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