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I ran at that moment, but I couldn't hold my parting helplessness. I stared at it stupidly. What I saw was really a blank. It was just a moment of helplessness. You and I could only look at each other with soul. In this way, I turned the look at each other into dust and filled every space I could think of.
If everything goes back to the stupid me, I won't understand the loss of commitment and oath in time. If everything goes back to the fallen me, we are using each other, we understand each other, we abide by the rules of the game, no one is right or wrong together, and we are both wrong in breaking up.
The music that makes people calm like water in the radio has stopped, and the thought has stopped. Only in the dark, we must find the light and make unremitting efforts! But!
There were times when I tried my best to find the warm luster that belonged to me, but I was disappointed again and again with hope. In the end, I still can't find it, maybe it no longer belongs to me. What a terrible helplessness it is!
Time after time, the yearning becomes hatred. Time after time, the hatred deceives itself, looking for an excuse not to be hurt. Only when there is no expression can we understand that too much has been lost, too much, and recovery is just a ridiculous deception.
Everything hasn't changed. It's just that my mind has changed. I still don't care. Classic sentences, silly comforts, can't escape the torture of the night. Ugly faces only have the courage to see when people are still at night.
Looking at the sea, the sound of the waves heartlessly rings the death knell of the heart. At the moment, the heart stirs up huge waves with the sea. The sea waves mercilessly overthrow the snail who pursues persistently. In silence, the snail seeks to leave her. Why does the sea abandon so mercilessly? The pain and loss of memory disappear.
Waiting is sweet and bitter. The tears that fall into my heart, the sea of missing, drowns the marriage of the next generation. I dare not and don't want to taste it again.
The flowers will wither when they bloom to a certain extent; the wild geese will rest when they are tired on the way to the south, and the dogs will jump over the wall when they are forced to rush. This is their life, but what about people?
A maple leaf is helpless to fall, that is the magic call of love. Now the breeze blows and turns into a young dance partner. Maple leaves pour out their depression in their hearts, but the land is so desolate and desolate and nowhere to go.
Those gone with the flow of the years, has become blurred, have met how many friends, have had how many times of heart, have had how many times of heartache, broken.
I'm looking forward to freedom, but it's not work, people look down on it.
The cottage lives alone for 13 autumn, and homesickness is the most common thing in the night. Long sigh life is not satisfactory, always do things like a boat against the current.
In that windy day, happiness came unprepared, in that drizzle season, the daily thoughts are moody, in that fallen leaves sky, the wind swept the leaves but could not take away my sadness, in that snow sky, everything showed a piece of white.
I want to live the life I want, but for the sake of my momentary desire, I still compromise, even if such thoughts and practices are wrong.
In a hurry that year, met, met, separated, separated, acacia, in a hurry that year, everything can't go back.
The cruel reality devours the years and lives mercilessly. Who can predict the floating clouds and world affairs? It's better to watch the window, the words blossom and fall, the blue sky and white clouds, and the vast sea of people float and sink
Long time has passed, can't go back to the past, can't change back to the vicissitudes of life, quietly wipe your shoulders and go away, look back, the night has run out.


My back is out of your world. There is only silence. Unprecedented fear. It turns out that my courage is so vulnerable
If I never met you, if I never fell in love with you, if I didn't believe in it at the beginning, maybe I would not be myself now.
To have the most simple life, and the most distant dream, even if tomorrow is cold, the road is far away.
Left, with all my love, just a break-up, I bear the tears to look at your back, I want to hold you for the last time, I want to say "I love you" to you
Hiding in a moment, I miss the palmprint of a period of time; hiding in a place, I miss a person who is standing on the way back and also on the way, which makes me concerned.
At that moment, I seemed to hear the sound of the collapse of the whole world.
Rain outside the window, one by one, my tears also flourished, such as the broken line of the rain outside the window.
Maybe there will be many such encounters in sexual hit, but we can only choose to brush by, just like leaves, the process of growth and fall is only a lonely samsara.
If love never came, if dream never broke, if heart never hurt, then I, whether you know me or not
Half way cultivation, half way monarch, have you ever met each other in silence? Have you ever thought of holding a phone but being silent? Yes, you can read it.
I will always be a actor, in other people's stories, the flow of self tears.
Not good delusion you can guess a person, people are the most bottomless and the most unpredictable.
My heart empty I feel as if the whole world has abandoned me lonely, lonely, lost and helpless will pressure me to breathe but I really want to escape to another world.
Occasionally depressed, just because you are not around, even if tears, do not want to talk with you, do not want to tell you the bottom of my heart!
When I look at the sky, I don't like to talk anymore. When I talk, I dare not look at the sky again
Take my hand and close your eyes. You won't get lost.
Those love engraved on the back of the chair, will it be like the flower on the cement, leaving a windless, lonely forest
Love is broken, binding, try to let go, go or not, stay or not, I don't want to understand.
Would you feel sad on your way home without me lighting the lamp for you?
If I never met you, if I never fell in love with you, if I didn't believe in it at the beginning, maybe I would not be myself now.
Some people say that the blood leading to the heart is on the ring finger. You know how much I want to spend my life and firmly tie your ring finger!
If you cherish the past and still have a little compassion, you will think that I am dead! It's not that I'm out of step and crazy, I'm not angry, I'm really disappointed completely!
Standing by the tree, I look at the cherry blossoms falling one after another. My heart seems to fly with these flowers, and finally sink into the endless dead water.
I can feel your heartache, you have the helpless you can't say, but you make a indifferent appearance, the more you are like this, the more uncomfortable I am.
Quiet life, slowly old, life and death, who has never, look up to the sky, despise life. Happiness doesn't stop there
I don't know if it's my own reason or the weather. I've been very grumpy recently. I've been trying to figure out where to hang out. I want to go to my hometown seaside for a day or two, but I'm short of money recently. I can't help but suppress myself like this.
But I will spend my life energy to forget, to fight against the yearning and expectation; things are never fair, I am playing a losing game, losing my life.
The space made up of singing is free for the time to come and go, so the face of the person who is still protecting has not changed and a huge hatred without ending.
In the smoke, in the wine, in the dust, in the cold heart, in the sorrow, in the joy, in the drunkenness, in the wind

Maybe there will be many encounters in sexual hit, but we can only choose to brush by, just like leaves, the process of growth and fall is only a lonely samsara
But I will spend my life energy to forget, to fight against the yearning and expectation; things are never fair, I am playing a losing game, losing my life.
You will never see when I love you the most, because I love you the most only when I can't see you. Similarly, you will never see my loneliest time, just because I am loneliest only when you can't see me.
The most regrettable thing in life is to give up what should not be given up easily and persist in what should not be kept.
Some people will always be engraved in their memory, even if they forget his voice, his smile and his face, but the feeling when they think of him is that those who said never separated before will never change. They have already scattered in the world.
The leaves that memory wants to rot, those fresh and green ones have been buried in the front of the time scale, only the overwhelming smell of rot remains at the end of the time scale.
Lonely people always remember everyone in their life with their heart, so I always think of you in every night when stars fall and count my loneliness again and again
Heartache is a happy thing. You don't have to sympathize with me. What you do now makes me angry. Don't want to see you again, don't want to know any more about you. Roll, roll, roll as far as you can. From my world, I don't need you
No one can sing as pure as those in the deepest hell.
A little lonely, I don't know how to say, let it pass in silence, I left, in fact, it didn't come, but the heart is very soft at night.
Memory wants to be the water in the palm whether you spread out or hold it tightly, it will flow clean from the fingers.
I don't know that when I die, I look at the sky and it turns to be so desolate. I see your face floating on the blue sky, and I smile because I see you, happy as a little boy.
Don't say for life, don't say forever, who can promise for the future? What we can master is nothing but the local feelings at that time. But in a lifetime, it's also made up of countless moments. I've worked hard for every moment, that is, forever.
People can live happily, but we choose complexity and sigh!
When my aura became so powerful, the people I wanted to protect were gone.
Heart to let you hear, love to let you see, not afraid to admit how tired you are. When I miss you, I hope you can receive my true message.
Happiness is so similar to happiness, but is happiness happiness?
I squatted on the side of the road, crying like a child.
Love has come and gone, infatuation has also hated, hurt will understand, everything is wrong.
When I say goodbye to you in tears, you just say goodbye to me indifferently, don't feel your indifferent eyes, your heart has broken into thousands of pieces.
Remember what should be remembered, forget what should be forgotten. Change what can be changed, accept what cannot be changed.
Love for three years into a bubble, helpless tears. I'm ashamed of myself. I'm still chasing you after my ambition.
People are sad, helpless and indifferent, and music is the best way to express our feelings. Please play the music with your sadness
I always forget my promise and hypnotize myself again and again.
Love is precious only when it's divided. Many people don't know how to cherish it. Only to lose to see, in fact, the most familiar is the most precious.
If you don't look back, why don't you forget. Since there is no chance, there is no need for oath. Today's evening, you have been strangers.


I don't want others to see my pain, just want them to see my happiness, let them envy and pursue. But in the end, I understand that I am not as good as others, and I am not as good as others. Simplicity is happiness.
When I heard the exciting news, I jumped up and cried happily with my mouth wide open.
Don't be afraid, I've been standing behind you, always around you when you call.
Running, running, running! He was so excited and happy that his ecstasy could not be expressed in our shallow language. It seemed that every single hair on his body was beating with exultation.
He was surprised and happy. His eyes were like a light bulb. They were bright, and his calm face was smiling.
Looking at the endless fields, our hearts are hard to calm and excited, because I feel the unique meaning of autumn and the joy of harvest.
There are jokes, everyone laughs together; there are games, everyone plays together; there is football, everyone plays together, everyone plays basketball together. All these are sharing happiness. Maybe happiness is so simple.
There are four kinds of animals, but the snowman we make is seven kinds of animals and eight kinds of animals, which makes us laugh. My brother's face is red with laughter, and my sister's waist is bent with laughter
The whole family is not happy. It seems like a big holiday. She was as happy as a bird singing there.
The singing stopped all of a sudden. Then there was a roar of laughter. Laughter collides with each other in the air. If there is a shred of broken one that can't be gathered again, let the new one catch up with the one that hasn't been broken, and immediately smash it. The people in the building seemed to feel the laughter hitting, escaping and chasing in the dark air.
Happiness is everywhere. When the first ray of sunlight passes through the curtain seam in the morning and shines on the body, my heart is happy; when I see the flowers blooming on the side of the road, my heart is happy; when I see the busy figure of the cleaner and the traffic police uncle, the environment is in order, my heart is happy; when I hear the clear call of the birds, my heart is happy.
You have no tired color, smile happily, the smile shining with youth brilliance, like a water lily blooming quietly after the summer rain, with crystal raindrops, shy and elegant head.
The sunset in the sky shows a smiling face, as if sharing our joy; the birds in the air are singing happily, as if singing praises for us; the grass on the roadside is dancing in the breeze, as if celebrating for us. Our mood is so happy, so happy.
I think birds can't fly in the sea, because they don't have the courage to fly across the sea. Ten years later, I found that it's not that birds can't fly in the sea, but that end of the sea, there is no waiting.
Excitement and excitement, like the flood of the levee, poured out from his mind. He could no longer hide his prose. He danced and cheered.
Excitement and excitement, like the flood of the levee, poured out from his mind. He could no longer hide his prose. He danced and cheered.
Some people say that although life is hard, there are always some people who live in a leisurely and interesting way. Because they are happy to face life, in the difficult place to find happiness, so life has a bright color.


. the calm lake stirred up the waves of joy, and my mood was as jubilant as the waves.
. he is in a happy mood, just like February in Beijing, the warmth of the spring breeze!
Life is a desire. When desire is not satisfied, it is painful, when desire is satisfied, it is boring. Life is like a pendulum swinging between pain and boredom.
. he was shocked First, then the corners of his mouth went up, jumped up and down, and the whole person couldn't say the whole thing excitedly.
. when the score was announced, Chen Jing looked at her report card and blushed excitedly. She felt like a deer jumping happily.
Looking at the two bags of snails we fished, my heart felt beautiful and sweet.
He shed tears when he won the first place in the long distance race.
. we couldn't say how happy we were. There seemed to be a wind under our feet. We walked fast and energetically.
. the cool breeze blew my timidity and uneasiness out of the sky. I fought with nature for the first time under my father's encouragement and realized the joy of victory for the first time.
. Xiaoqiang's narrow eyes are like fingernails pinched out and become two curved seams.
. I got a score in the English test. I couldn't restrain my joy and flew into my house like a bird.
. he is happy in his heart, like a bird singing there!
The news of God VII's successful return has come to the Chinese people, who are all excited, excited, and running to tell each other.
. excitement and excitement were like the flood of the levee, which poured out from his mind.
My heart, restless, leaps and shakes there, excited and unable to hold on to itself by the unpredictable but real coming.
. the result of the game, our group lost, but we know what we didn't know before, and we are very happy with our knowledge.
. in a little while, I'll leave for the airport! And I'll see my love at the airport!
Seeing mom and dad's smile, my heart is hard and sweet, and I feel the joy I never had.
. I was so excited that I couldn't say a word.
. looking at his smiling face, I guess it must be the implementation of the work problem.
Hearing the good news, the two sisters jumped and laughed hand in hand. The flower skirt swung in the wind like a pair of lively and happy butterflies.
. he immediately stared, his eyebrows stood up one by one, and his face was covered with blue tendons. He looked at me like a cat on a rat.
. it's really a happy day to leave the old year and welcome the new year's Eve. Every new year's Eve, our relatives get together.
Suddenly, people seem to be pulled forward, but in fact, they are pushed from behind.
. suddenly, the curtain of the door was lifted, and the little girl broke into the room like a magpie egg. She opened her mouth without front teeth and giggled.
Upon receiving the university admission notice, she immediately cheered.
When I saw this, I was so happy that I turned over on the ground, laughing and shouting loudly, clapping my hands and stamping my feet.



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